Coming from a 7th generation huge ranching family off of the coast of Central California, I breathe, bleed, and embrace my heritage.  I grew up working cattle, fixing fence, driving tractors, hunting, along with all the other essential qualities needed to run a farm.  With this background I also developed an extreme passion for rodeo and the western lifestyle. 


I have been competing in rodeos since I could walk and carry a rope; starting out at the age of two and winning the youngest rider award at the California Mid-State Fair was only the beginning.  If I wasn’t on the ranch checking cattle on horseback or shooting squirrels with my brothers then I was at junior rodeos competing in all the events.  I then moved to the high school level where I went to state finals in the Team Roping. During that time I was also playing basketball, Volleyball, president of the FFA and an avid member of Drama. 


However, it was at the collegiate level where I realized my passion for this sport would never waiver.  I graduated at the top of my class being honored with the title of Valedictorian and I was accepted to an amazing University, UCLA, in order to study my other passion for acting. 


The only problem was that this exquisite university did not have a rodeo program let alone ever hearing of one.  I faced a great challenge in order to continue to compete in the sport I love. I worked my way up to the dean of students and finally was given the chance to approach the board of this prestigious university to prove to them that rodeo was a sport that would make the school proud.  I succeeded and became the first and only member of the UCLA rodeo team.  I graduated from UCLA in 2008 with a degree in Mass Communications and I represented the University for 3 years at the collegiate level in the sport of Rodeo. 


I am an avid member of the CCPRA, USTRC, ACTRA, WCBRA, and in 2013 I joined the WPRA and I now compete professionally. 

I also I also made it an effort to keep my ties to the outdoors by guiding hunts for one of the largest exotic hunting outfitters in the country.



My other passion outside of rodeo has always been acting, broadcast journalism, TV/Film.  Whether Im in the arena or outside of it the world has always been my stage. I grew up putting on performances for my family and involving myself in every possible play and drama class I could get my hands on. I followed my dream for the arts to Los Angeles where I attended UCLA.


I received a Bachelor’s Degree from UCLA in Mass Communications and I became a member of the Screen Actors Guild in 2010.  I have worked on numerous films, and tv shows as well as been involved on the stunt side of the industry due to my background.  I have also expanded my career into the modeling side of the entertainment world, becoming the face of a company called Gypsy Soule for two years as well as modeling for many other companies.


 My backround and upbringing allowed me to combine both of my passions for the outdoors and the entertainment industry by working as a TV show host and Sideline Sports Broadcaster for a network called Ride TV, a 24 hour equestrian lifestyle channel.  I also am a former host of Gun TV and now I have been given the opportunity to be the Host of NRA TV.





THE Entertainment SIDE OF THINGS

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